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German Buffet

German Buffet Menu

************ No German Buffet at this time.***************

Garden Salad with Dressing

Warm German Potato Salad

Cucumber Salad in Sour Cream

Liptauer (German Cheese Spread)

Fresh Baked Bread and Butter

Hungarian Goulash Soup or German Potato Soup

Red Cabbage

German Potato Pancakes

Spätzle – Bavarian noodles with ham, onion, and Swiss cheese

Schnitzel – Assorted tender cuts of meat, lightly breaded, served golden brown, with sauce

Knockwurst – Smoked pork sausage served with sauerkraut

Bratwurst – Fresh pork and veal sausage presented in a brown beer sauce

Pork Roast – In a light gravy

Sauerbraten – Tender marinated beef

Chicken Rouladen – Boneless, skinless chicken breast rolled around ham and Swiss cheese, baked and served with a white sauce

Fruit Strudels

Cheese Strudel with a Melba sauce

Chocolate/Walnut Strudel

Fresh Cut Fruit

German Chocolate Bars

Lemon Bars

Price: $28.95